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About Us

Three Sixty Capital Partners is a business advisory firm specialising in business sales and acquisitions focused primarily on medium to large enterprises within New Zealand and internationally.

We will always be a small partnership with a large view. We advise clients on mergers, acquisitions, divestments and capital raising. Our advice is based on the real world; it is practical and fact-based.


We work collaboratively with our clients to enable key practical decisions and transactions to be made based on solid research and fact.

We enable change and growth.


Our partners’ collective years of experience owning and operating businesses in New Zealand and internationally allows us to understand the challenges that business owners and operators deal with.

We offer informed, objective perceptions that help our clients navigate through complex situations and transactions in order to achieve their objectives.

All clients are served by several Partners.


Our clients value our experience, advice and integrity.

We maintain long-term relationships and are selective of who we choose to work with, preferring fewer and stronger relationships.


We help our clients create wealth through wise acquisitions or divestments achieved confidentially and professionally.


By analyzing and profiling industries, screening companies and using our extensive networks we offer our clients tactical and strategic advantages when entering into a transaction.


We work with companies and organisations of all sizes, in all sectors, public and private, institutional and government, including:

  • Information technology, software, new media and satellite industry
  • Primary industries
  • Private Training Enterprises (PTEs)
  • Export, import and distribution
  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Packaging industry
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • Mining and Exploration
  • Health
  • Tourism
  • Transportation

Investor Base

We have access to large Private Equity firms as well as offshore and New Zealand based institutional investors seeking investments and providing funds.

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